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How to Avoid the Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Scramble

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December 23, 2015
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How to Avoid the Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Scramble


As we enter the month of February, stores start to fill with overpriced heart-shaped candy and over-sized stuffed animals. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and every year, thousands of people make the mistake of not planning for the special day. Even though the day is still “weeks away”, you may think you have time to place a reservation, pick up flowers, or buy that one thing they’ve had their eye on. But the harsh reality of Valentine’s Day is that it is a true enemy to all procrastinators. Here are some tips from our experienced Event Planners to avoid that last-minute scramble! You’ll thank us later.

Purchase Gifts in Advance

Beginning to look for a gift in January or even sooner doesn’t only help to avoid the last-minute scramble, it can also help you get ideas on what to purchase. Starting to look around early will give you options and if you’re sneaky enough, you can drop hints to your loved one to see what they want and what they don’t want. If you plan on ordering your gift online, make sure to order it at least 2 months before Valentines Day. Mail can get lost or sent to the wrong address so easily!

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Place Floral Orders AHEAD of Time

Flowers are one of the classiest and most traditional way of showing someone you care about them. Ever since we can remember, Valentine’s Day and flowers have gone hand-in-hand. Since Valentine’s Day is the busiest day of the year for florists, call your local florist more than a week ahead of time and place an order. If you show up the day of, you’re going to be returning to your loved one emptyhanded, and that’s a situation nobody wants to be in on Valentine’s Day!

*Toronto Florist’s

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Spice up the Date

Thinking of a Dinner and a Movie? Think again! Restaurants and Movie Theatres get insanely busy every Valentine’s Day. Chances are, no matter how early you show up, the restaurant is going to be completely reserved and the movies are going to be sold out. Plus, you can do dinner and a movie any other night of the week. Think outside the box! Reserve a bowling lane or attend a local event in your city. But remember to call ahead or purchase the tickets well in advance to avoid that last-minute scramble!




Hire a Pro

Need help to go that extra mile for your loved one? Hosting a party or Valentine’s Event? Have no time to start planning? Have no idea where to begin? Hire a Professional! Hiring a Professional Event Planner will ensure that your Valentine’s Day is above and beyond any other. Event Planners will ensure that every detail of your day will be special and memorable from start to finish. Their passion and love for detail are the perfect combination to make sure your Valentine’s Event goes perfectly!

*Toronto Event Planner: Roxy Zapala of Art of Celebrations,



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