5 Cool perks of Hiring a Wedding Planner in Toronto

Congratulations! You are engaged! Now you have wedding on your hands to plan. You both have worked to settle on a number. You also have decided on a date for your event. Now come the actual logistical planning of the wedding. It is a great undertaking for people who are busy with their personal and professional lives.

We offer services of experienced and professional wedding planners who can help you plan the wedding but without any stress. Wedding planners have seen many minor and major emergencies happening before and during the wedding day. With their seasoned calm nerves you can be assured that everything is in excellent hands. You and your guests will have a great time and joyous memories to remember and cherish for the rest of your lives.

So why should you hire a wedding planner?

Save money, time and stress: Say what? How do spending more money means I will save it? Weddings are something every person has some wishes and dreams attached to it. There have been instances where couple would be going way beyond their budgets just to get everything checked off of their wish list. Wedding planners bring a neutral and logical perspective to a highly emotional planning stage.

Wedding planners are in the wedding business. They know the latest trending on Instagram, which celebrity is doing what, wearing which types and color of clothes. The time you will spend to browse and look for the trends and ideas for décor, we have collection and samples for everything wedding related. From linens to flowers to caterers we have the numbers and personal references for everything and everyone. At Art of Celebrations, our wedding planners can create a magical event for every budget.

Wedding planning is a process about which everyone is enthusiastic. From your mother to your colleague who you barely see in your lobby- everyone has opinions. Freely given tips can easily become contentious topic of debates. A presence of wedding planner can re-direct the energy towards on how to enjoy the wedding day rather what and how to execute your wedding.

A presence of an experienced wedding planner will help you plan your wedding stress free and enjoy in on the day too. With a large number of people gathering there is a high chance that something can go wrong. Our wedding planners will ensure that you both enjoy this significant day in your lives to the fullest without the stress of handling the matters of if Aunty Rita got too much to drink or not.

Ideas and Inspiration:

With the ton of information and options available for all tastes and aesthetics, it can prove to be very difficult to make one final choice. The presence of wedding planner will help you fine tune your shopping and selection options. Also among the chaos of hundreds of options, wedding planner brings clarity and focus to your wedding shopping and selections for various big and small items.

With their experiences they can guide you to help pick wedding pieces that not only look good in person but also look fabulous in pictures. Wedding planners have always conduct in depth interviews with their clients. These detailed discussions to help them understand their personalities and preferences.

Connections with Other Wedding Vendors:

Wedding is just not a get together for a family. It is an event which has many small moving parts and factors. Any regular scale wedding can have items used from 5-15 different vendors.

Our seasoned wedding planners in Toronto, who have been serving the community for over 20 years, have accumulated a vast network of reliable wedding vendors. With their personal connections they are able to get you preferred rates from majority of vendors. These savings are ultimately passed down to you and you get to keep more money in the pocket.

They can offer additional insight and recommendations to help you choose which ones may be the right fit, and may have an easier time communicating with vendors who double as their friends. These vendors have also the experience of working with each other before which also help you enjoy the day stress free without problems.

Keeps You on Schedule:

With our busy personal and professional lives it is easy to forget things. A wedding planner can keep your wedding on track, without hardly any item falling behind on schedule.

Additional Event Planning:

Another perk? If you are looking to get a little assistance with your bridal shower, your wedding planner in Toronto can help you book location and activities. At Art of Celebrations, our wedding planners also offer honeymoon planning services.

For all types of wedding related inquiries, contact us today!

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