Unveiling the All-Inclusive Destination Wedding Experience by Art of Celebrations in Toronto

Embark on an enchanting journey with Art of Celebrations, where Founder and Creative Director Roxy Zapala brings to life the magic of destination weddings in the heart of Toronto. As seasoned experts in wedding planning, event coordination, and corporate event management, Art of Celebrations now extends its expertise to curate memorable destination weddings.

Unrivaled Destination Wedding Package Details:

Art of Celebrations' Destination Wedding package is designed with meticulous planning, logistical management, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. With a 24-hour emergency service throughout the planning process, clients benefit from unlimited phone and email correspondence, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

From budget planning and event vision development to destination and venue sourcing, Art of Celebrations handles every aspect. The package includes vendor selection and negotiation, contract management, legal paperwork submission to the destination, and meticulous attention to etiquette considerations.

Additional offerings encompass accommodation sourcing for destination guests, a custom wedding website, concept development, and inspiration boards. Art of Celebrations goes above and beyond with detailed visuals, distinctive floral and tabletop designs, lighting coordination, and custom furniture placement.

The package extends to draping, upholstery, and linen coordination, stationary development and synchronization, overall visual stylization including food and drinks, signage, staff attire, and more. With the presence of two certified consultants on-site throughout the wedding day, clients can rest assured that every detail will be executed flawlessly.

Art of Celebrations ensures vendor timeline and details confirmation, a detailed day-of schedule and itinerary, seating template creation, site visit, and rehearsal attendance. The team also manages logistical aspects such as vendor load-in, production, and load-out.

On the day of the wedding, Art of Celebrations takes ownership of event execution, overseeing ceremony processions, speech cuing, vendor tips and payments, wedding photo session supervision, setup and styling of all wedding items, and the availability of an emergency wedding kit throughout the day.

Art of Celebrations' Destination Wedding package is an all-encompassing experience, ensuring a seamless, picturesque, and stress-free celebration for couples and their guests. Elevate your dreams and say 'I do' with Art of Celebrations – where destination weddings in Toronto reach new heights of sophistication and charm.

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