Tips for having a Relaxed and a Memorable Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the most joyous and memorable days of your life. Celebrating it with your close friends and family makes the day even better for both of you. Here are some top planning tips from our most seasoned wedding planners, so you and your guests can enjoy the day.

Planning is the key!

Your significant other has proposed to you and now you have decided on a timeframe for your special day. Art of Celebrations and our wedding planners have planned and successfully arranged many weddings in Toronto. Our wedding planners always advice the to be weds to start planning as soon as they decide a date.

Making Wedding Budget

There are many details which work together in harmony to pull off a perfect wedding. When you start planning your wedding, first step to have a great wedding day is to have a clear budget for the whole event. For different cultures, there is an official “tying the knot” ceremony which is then followed by a festive meal and celebration.

Our seasoned wedding planners advise their clients to always take into account small expenses which add up in the final bill. Some of the most ignored expenses are beauty treatments, dress alternations and small gifts for the wedding party.

Wedding Checklist

Planning also help you keep yourself focused on the task with minimal disruptions and distractions. With planning a wedding, it is very easy to lose focus and go over budget by spending money on non-essential details. This is the stage where lists come in handy! Lists can help you organize your train of thoughts, dreams for your perfect W-day. These lists will also help you keep on track as per your budgets. Our wedding planners in Toronto use a sophisticated system of various color-coded lists and other tools to help you plan the perfect wedding day, where you are the star of the day.

Always Have Plan B

When you ask one piece of advice from any planner they will tell you always, always have a plan B ready and handy. Our planners have sewed torn dresses, salvaged broken cakes, managed tipsy guests and handled the event in an elegant fashion. No matter how much you plan, there will be always Carol or a Joe who would have drank too much too quickly which can dampen your day.

Entertaining & Engaging Guests

To help you manage your guests in the best passive manner, our planners guide the to be wed couples to take their time to make their guests lists. As the primary spender it is your right to decide who is invited. Also, seating chart also helps you to keep the guests engaged and entertained with each other. Our wedding planners at Art of Celebrations help the couple and their wedding party with practical tips to handle and diffuse any problematic situation that may arise during the wedding ceremony. Your wedding party which include bridesmaids, maids of honor, best men and girls also play a vital role to keep your wedding day enjoyable and stress free for you. Our wedding planners include these people during discussions to help them understand their roles during your wedding party.

Best Wedding Food

Wedding day is a day of celebration for not only two people but two families! To make any party memorable, great food and entertainment are always important! We always recommend to our clients to do not skimp on the food. Guests enjoy and relax around good and tasty food and drinks. There is laughter and talk, which is how a great wedding should be. To talk about your wedding and all other planning details please call @ 416-843-6367or email us

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