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We are Toronto's Wedding Planning company. Everybody plans their wedding day, months and years in advance. For your big day to go smoothly, it is recommended to have a wedding planner with you from the early stages of your wedding planning. Our wedding planners are passionate about your wedding's vision! We work towards your vision and execute a flawless wedding.

Arts of Celebrations is an award-winning wedding and event management firm which offers various wedding planning, designing, and coordinating services. Our wedding planners have extensive experience planning all wedding and its related pre and post wedding events of various sizes.

How can our wedding planners help you?

There are so many details and points of contacts during the early planning stages of the wedding. Meeting with different caterers, florists, decorators and scouting locations for your perfect wedding along with your work and personal commitments can prove to be quite daunting. This is where planners step in and take the stress out of the planning.

Whenever a to be wedded couple comes in to talk about their wedding planning and budgets our friendly planners are available to answer all their questions. With their proven work experience, they will show you pictures of all their previously planned weddings for ideas and talking points.

Our planners will talk to you and take notes about your preferences and budgets. Art of Celebrations is a recognized name in the wedding industry of Toronto. Our planners have priority access to various indoor and outdoor locations. You can choose any available location for your wedding ceremony and receptions. Our planners have also helped couples choose location for their private wedding and engagement photoshoots at various beautiful locations all across Toronto.

After early consultations, your chosen wedding planner will start reaching out to your preferred caterers, florists and photographers. Your dedicated wedding planner will always be in contact with you with your preferred mode of communication- email, text, or phone.  They are constantly keeping checks on your spending budget.  They will negotiate best prices and contracts for you from all wedding vendors.

The Art of Celebration Wedding Planners Advantage:

As we are a full service event management company, our wedding planners can use many of the in house expert services available. In houses services means you can save more. We offer wedding designers and decorators among other services. After your approval, our wedding planners can use their expertise to decorate your wedding reception area with unique and personalized theme decided by you.

Art of Celebrations have florists, speciality bakers and caterers who are equipped to provide small and large wedding parties with amazing and creative solutions. We know Toronto is a multi cultural city. There are many couples with different backgrounds and are looking to incorporate those details in their wedding ceremonies. We have many connections to various ethnic caterers so we can accommodate different food, drinks and other dietary requirements for your family, friends and guests. Our planners also have experience planning many pre-wedding events and parties. These parties vary by different cultures.

Our planners help couples design great seating plans and playlists for their big day. We have a big showroom where the couples can see various samples of center pieces, pictures of previously designed wedding tables and stages. Also, we have samples of various table linens and cutlery. Our wedding planners know the importance of plan B’s. Our mantra is plan for the best and for the worst. For those situations, our planners always have backups so there are no setbacks on your wedding day.

Our planners will always work with your schedule and budget so you can enjoy the best of the best before and on your wedding day with Art of Celebrations!

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