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A good wedding should be like a tale; from the time the guests arrive till they leave each moment should be memorable. There are a lot of different styles for a wedding like vintage style, picnic style or rustic style etc.

Now the question arises how you can add style to the wedding. Following are some points to help make the wedding stylish and memorable:

1. Wardrobe 2. Creativity 3. Photography 4. Professional Guidance 5. Invitations 6. Food & Drink 7. Flower Decoration 8. Gifts/Favours for Guests

1. Wardrobe:

2. Creativity:Handcrafted factors can be really inspiring and a good way of styling. Also you should look for really creative decorations; this will add uniqueness to the marriage ceremony.

3. Photography:Make sure to get a good photographer to capture this special moment. After everything is over these pictures will be the only thing you have of this day. No doubt it is takes a major portion of the budget but it is worth it.

4. Professional Guidance:

5. Invitations:

6. Food & Drinks:We all know best food and drinks are served in all weddings but the question is how is it served? The presentation and the placement of the food make a significant impact on the guests. A lot of professional designers and planners do this for you but in few cases the caterers have the skills of presenting the food in style.

7. Flower Decoration:Flower decoration is the most important decoration of the wedding and it is most prominent as well as the whole venue is decorated with flowers. No there are no special flowers set for wedding ceremonies. All flowers are pretty there are no bad flowers. The main thing is to get the right combination of flowers and their colors that can reflect the theme of the wedding evidently. For this purpose a professional florist will be the best option.

8. Gifts/Favors for Guests:Another thing which is becoming common is never let your guests, just leave; arrange some nice gifts for them like nice treats, a basket of dry fruit or a beer koozie etc so they will have something to remember the wonderful wedding.

There are a lot of planners and designers who claim to have skills to give unique style but the best and top name in the industry for wedding styling in Toronto is Art of Celebrations. They are the best party planners and designers in Toronto. They have experience of about 15 years. Their uniqueness is their life-like 3D renderings through which you can see the whole ceremony even before it happens. This gives a lot of advantage to the couple to make any last minute changes.

the company has contacts with the best known vendors of cocktails, cuisine and music. the staff is well trained for the decoration and styling of the wedding like table settings, candles, textiles and lightning etc. the company has a sister company known as flower parade who can take care of all the flower decorations and colors. both companies are very popular in the wedding planning and designing and hold a great reputation.

So it is suggested that if you want an amazing and memorable wedding ceremony, you should contact, the finest wedding planning team, art of celebrations.

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