Why Hiring a Party Planner is one of the Best Decisions?

Arts of Celebration has trained and experienced party planners for both private and commercial events. Many people consider party planners too expensive; in reality they help you host a beautiful party with minimal effort on your part.

Planning for a large event for friends and family can be very exhausting for the host. During all the commotion details might be missed, which can be disappointing since you put so much energy into planning it. Our party planners in Toronto have access to a wide variety of party vendors. We enjoy special rates and we forward these savings to our clients.

Our party planners will start with an initial consultation with you, starting with the purpose and the budget of the party. Afterwards, we will discuss the location and theme of the party. The location is very important; it should be large enough to accommodate the guests comfortably without getting too hot or cold. For decor and thematic arrangements we have established connections with suppliers all over the GTA. These suppliers give us their most competitive rates and you can enjoy one of the most Insta worthy party for your guests at an excellent price. We can arrange all types of ethnic and local foods and drinks for your party. We have privileged access to some of the most popular DJs in Toronto. Our party planners will cover all the details of your party from start to finish! We will arrange for truly unique party favours to be distributed among your guests. We can also arrange for valet parking for the ultimate comfort for your guests.

For corporate, marketing or any other type of large public events we offer extremely professional and trained services of dedicated party planners. Our corporate party planners in Toronto specialize in managing successful large corporate events. These types are more complicated as there is much more logistical coordination involved.

Corporate and commercial party planners will ensure excellent planning and flawless execution of the whole event. Since our party planners are trained to perform in high pressure environment, you can be assured that your corporate event will be completed without a glitch. While remaining behind the scenes from start to finish our party planners in Toronto will plan everything from location, accommodation for guests to airport pickups and drop-offs.  

We understand the importance of the first impression. Therefore, we carefully vet and choose the location for your corporate event. It will be aesthetically pleasing, large, easily accessible and also cost effective for your company. We also arrange for indoor advertisements and banners regarding the event and/or special mentions or occasions. We will also print and distribute the program schedule and brochures among the participants. We will also arrange for pickup from the hotel to the location of the event. Many times, there are people flying to Toronto from all over the world for a certain corporate event. These guests need pick up from the airport and lodging booked in a hotel.

Toronto is a diverse city, with people coming in from many backgrounds. Food and beverage is also an important part of any corporate and commercial event. We have vendors and caterers who can deliver various types of meals at any location across the GTA and Toronto. We have arranged for various types of food including sandwich platters, salad bars and various hot and cold beverages for refreshments for the guests and participants.

Our party planners will also be responsible for marketing for your commercial or corporate event. With our leading presence in the market we are able to spread your message among your target demographics at minimal cost and maximum exposure.

Our party planners are expert negotiators and with our name; Arts of Celebrations we are able to get our private and commercial clients the best prices in town for your parties. Our party planners will enable you to host an excellent event with the least amount of stress and effort. For a free initial consultation call us today!

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