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A wedding planner is a professional person who helps and guides a couple to design, manage and plan their wedding. The wedding is once in a life time thing so couples are willing to pay big amounts for that as well, as they want their wedding day to be really special and to remember it forever.Initially when a couple goes to the wedding planner the wedding planner tell them their packages, most of the people have a specific theme for the marriage in their minds, the job of the planner is to listen to them and present their idea in such a way that it becomes memorable for a long time.

Good V.S. Great Wedding Planners in Toronto:

There are a lot of wedding planners in Toronto but when it comes to the best wedding planners in Toronto, the name Art of Celebration comes to mind. The Art of Celebration is Toronto’s most famous and well reputed destination wedding and event planners. They have been working in this field for about 15 years now. They have planned and designed a numerous wedding and events. The Art of Celebration is not just limited to Toronto; they provide their services all over Canada and USA.The Art of Celebration has a team of professional, experienced and well trained planners; they work really hard and with complete dedication to make sure they make your special day extremely special. They have the availability of best cuisine, music, cocktails, entertainment and wow-factor.The basic components of a wedding planning process of art of celebration are:

  • Budget planning and management
  • Planning process and logistics management
  • Event vision development
  • Vendor selection
  • Contract management
  • Vendor booking assistance
  • Accommodation sourcing for out of town guests

First of all a professional discusses the theme of the wedding with couple and the budget management is done by the planner. Once the budget is discussed and set with the couple, then comes the stage of planning and logistics management that includes the florist and the caterer’s decoration and the means of transport of guests, bride and groom.


The best thing about Art of Celebration is that they use life-like 3D renderings to show the couple how the marriage will look before it happens. This gives the opportunity to the couple to see if it is exactly what they have planned and gives them opportunity to make any changes, if they want, to make is more perfect.


The Art of Celebration does not stop there, they help you with the vendor selection to get the things need for wedding like caterers, florist transport etc. the management and dealing to the vendors is all up to the Art of Celebration. The groom and the bride don’t have to worry about anything at all. Even when it comes to arranging the accommodation and transportation for the guests who come from out of town, Art of Celebration takes care of that too. The Art of Celebration understands complete how special this day is for the couple. And with their amazing services they make it much more special and worry free day for the bride and groom.

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